Wk 5, IOP 490: Final Summation

Assignment ContentUse the information in the assigned chapters (8, 9, & 10) of the text to address change, human performance, diversity, employee engagement, leadership, and decision-making.Write a 750- to 1,050-word paper addressing the following:IntroductionBased on what you have learned in Weeks 1 through 4, and considering assignment Parts I through IV, discuss the benefits of evaluating a workplace through an I/O psychology perspective.Describe the assessment tools used and identify their contribution to assessing organizational issues.Using your chosen workplace as the model, discuss plausible and possible trends in I/O psychology and predict future trends in organizational management.Conclude the paper by evaluating how the topics discussed were used in combination to identify problems._______________________________________________________________________________________You must support opinions and any facts by citing credible sources in the body of the assignment and listing the references in APA style.Include at least 3 scholarly referencesMust reference Textbook (include page number with in-text citation)Textbook reference info:Block, P. (2011). Flawless consulting: A guide to getting your expertise used (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer.

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