Application: Applying the Awareness Viewpoint ToolThis week you have been learning, through the multimedia presentation, that there are at least three ways to look at issues and trends: your personal awareness viewpoint, your professional awareness viewpoint, and one that combines both and also takes into consideration the particulars of where you live or work—your local awareness viewpoint. You also learned that using this awareness tool; that is, looking at an issue or trend from at least these three perspectives, helps you to more fully understand the complexity of an issue or trend.This assignment is an opportunity for you to practice using this tool and consists of the following steps:Step 1: Review the multimedia presentationPay particular attention to the 3-step ” awareness” model for analyzing issues/trendsStep 2: Review the following articles:”The Foundations of Lifelong Health Are Built in Early Childhood””Fostering Child Development through Empowerment, Unity, and Cooperation.”Pay particular attention to the contexts from which the authors present their suggestions, and note the consequences. Which of these consequences might be intended, and which might be unintended?Step 3: Apply the Awareness ModelEvaluate each article using all three viewpoints presented in the “awareness tool” section of the multimedia presentation by summarizing the following:Your personal awareness viewpoint; that is, specific reasons why you are either interested in learning more about the issue or are challenged in dealing with the issueYour professional awareness viewpoint; that is, the consequences of this issue that you perceive for children, families, and EC professionalsYour local awareness viewpoint; that is, the realities of this issue, as you see them, in the specific context of your personal and professional local community(Assignment length: 2 pages minimum)Submit this assignment by Sunday of this week.Sources for this assignment:Article 1: Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University (2010). The foundations of lifelong health are built in early childhood. Retrieved from http://developingchild.harvard.edu/index.php/resources/reports_and_working_papers/foundations-of-lifelong-health/ by clicking on “Download PDF” link.Article 2: Stuart, J. M., Berghout Austin, A. M., Peairson, S., de Aquino, C., & de Burró, E. (2010). Fostering Child Development through Empowerment, Unity, and Cooperation. YC: Young Children, 65(6), 32-37. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Media Presentation for Assignment:https://class.waldenu.edu/webapps/blackboard/content/listContent.jsp?course_id=_13735892_1&content_id=_31772961_1 ( This is the media presentation for assigmnet the 1st one is the the one for assignment)

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