writing about intensive116 Child Development and Education, English assignment

3. School Proposal: Brochure and Paper   (25%)

NAEYC Standards: 1, promoting child development and learning; 2; building family and community relationships; 4, using developmentally effective approaches to connect with children and families; 5, using content knowledge to build meaningful curriculum; 6, becoming a professional

NAEYC Supportive Skills: 2, mastering and applying foundational concepts from general education; 3, written and verbal communication skills; 5 Identifying and using professional resources.

Imagine that you are starting up a new school for young children in the Early Childhood years. In order to start your new institution, you have chosen to contact a funding agency for financial support. You have the chance to structure your school in any way you choose, based upon the philosophical underpinnings of Vygotsky, Piaget and Montessori. Please use these philosophies as you create a welcome brochure for parents considering sending their children to your school. Please focus on the following as you create the brochure.

•     Describe what your school physically looks like? Include maps.

•     How will the children learn best?

•     What is a typical school day structure?

•     What is the role of the teacher?

•     What is the role of the parent?

•     What is the role of the community?

•     Please provide four (4) mini lessons  (Lucy Calkins) across the content areas that you might use in your school.

*You can use Microsoft WORD or PUBLISHER to create a tri-fold brochure. Your brochure can cover one or two sides (3-6 panels in total). This brochure will be submitted as an assignment but also posted on the Discussion Board to share with classmates.

Finally, in a five (5) page paper, please analyze how the theories you have selected relate to the overall program described in the brochure. You must use APA format for in-text citations and a reference list of at least 6 peer-reviewed sources. This school library can aid you in identifying quality sources. Your sources need to be a combination of readings on Vygotsky, Piaget and Montessori.

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