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Assignment 1 Submission: Writing Plan (GRADED)

organizing a writing plan

In Module One, the goal was to write an initial reaction to a selected reading. In Module Two, you learned some strategies on how to dig a little deeper and apply critical analysis to a given passage.

This week, you’ll be given access to an interactive Writing Plan generator that has specific questions to help you reread and analyze your selected reading in its entirety. During the assignment, you’ll use analysis strategies learned in Module Two to determine the key significance of your selected reading. In doing so, you will respond to the author’s intended purpose in a clear and engaging manner and produce a Writing Plan to inform your creation of your Critical Analysis Essay (which will be due in Module 8).

The assignment below will ask you to consider how the following critical elements relate to your selected reading:


key points*






Constructing Your Writing Plan

Use this Writing Plan as a way to gather your thoughts and determine your strategy for writing your critical analysis essay. This process will allow you to develop a potential structure for effectively communicating and supporting your claim. This plan will be helpful in keeping your thought process on track when you begin writing and revising your essay.

Keep in mind that you do not need to answer the questions in any specific order. Each response should be one fully developed paragraph in length (5-8 sentences).

As you work on the Writing Plan, remember to refer to the rubric (click here) to make sure you’re fulfilling each aspect of the assignment. You can also download/print the rubric.

Your responses will be saved to the Notebook, which can be found under the “Course Tools” menu. You can also download all of your responses to a single Word document by following the directions at the bottom of this page. 

The next activity uses a rich text area. You can tab to the editor body. Press ALT-F10 to get to the toolbar. Press ESC to return to the editor body. A save button is available in the top toolbar all the way to the right and will become visible when it receives focus.

1.Your claim is the main argument that you are trying to make in your essay. For this essay, the claim should clearly state what you believe is the author’s intent in writing his or her article. Describe the claim to be addressed in your analysis essay. Remember that your claim must be derived from one of the provided articles.

2. Key points are pieces of evidence that support a writer’s claim. What are three possible key points that will be helpful in supporting the validity of your claim?

3. Your audience is the people you are addressing in your essay. Who is the audience that will be reading your essay? What potential challenges will you have supporting your argument with this demographic?

4. Your goal is the end result that you wish to achieve in writing this essay. What goal do you hope to accomplish with this essay? For example, you may disagree with the author and demonstrate why they are incorrect, or you may agree but want to further substantiate their claim.

5. Evidence is the material that supports your argument. Based on your claim, determine potential places where evidence would be most effective. Defend your choices. For example, if you disagree with an author’s point, you would want to use evidence to support your view.

6. Feedback is helpful information or criticism that explains what can be done to improve your essay. How can your own writing improve from receiving feedback from an outside party? How can that feedback be integrated?

7. During the revision process, a writer rereads the essay and makes significant changes in content, organization, etc. to build the argument in a stronger, more logical manner. You will learn more about revision strategies in Module 7, but some of the most common revision techniques are peer evaluation (where you have a classmate review your essay and provide you with feedback), read aloud (where you print out a hard copy of your essay and read it aloud slowly), and read backwards (where you read the essay backwords word by word or paragraph by paragraph). Identify a revision strategy that would be most effective in informing you while writing this essay. Why would this strategy be effective?

(this part I will do)

Submitting Your Writing Plan

Now that you have answered all of the questions above, click on the “Download Word Document” link below. When you open the Word document, you will see all of your responses from Questions 1-7 saved and collated in the document. Be sure to format, proofread, and edit the document before submitting it. Save your document and submit it to your instructor through Blackboard.

Download Word Document

To submit your assignment, use the “Assignment Submissions” link in your Blackboard course. Then, click on the assignment link titled “Assignment 1: Writing Plan,” and follow the prompts to upload your submission.

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