“Your Lot in Life” paper revision Subject (Deaf Children) ADD to paper

YOUR LOT IN LIFEPSY 210-90INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY_____________________________________________________________THE DEVELOPING PERSONStudents will be randomly assigned to the position of an individual who is dealing with a particular set of life circumstances and are asked to reflect on how their lot in life would affect development.  For this assignment, you will be required to research a particular lot in life and then prepare a 2-3 page written summary of your findings.“Lots in Life”Your newborn daughter was prenatally exposed to excess testosterone; as a result, she has masculine-appearing genitalsYour adopted son suffers from fetal alcohol syndromeYou learn that the mother of your adopted newborn is a heroin addict.Your 9 year old daughter has started her growth spurt earlyYour 15 year old son has not yet started his growth spurtYour unmarried 16 year old daughter announces that she is pregnantYour partner is of a different race and you are expecting your first childYour child is born deafYour 70- year old father has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.Your 13 year old daughter announces that she is a lesbianYour 13 year old son announces that he does not feel like a boy and believes that he is a girl.You are not allowed to change your topic. In the real world we often do not get to choose our “Lot in Life.” We must do the best that we can with the situation that we are in.Written Summary GuidelinesYour written summary should be in your own words and not the words of another person.  Please do not copy passages word for word from the internet or your textbook. Please use your own words. You will receive a grade of zero (0) for text taken verbatim from other sources.Your paper must include the following:Introduction: You must provide a short statement (2-3 sentences) describing your research topic and the significance of this topic. This opening statement is worth 5 points.2.      Body:The body of your paper must include a discussion of how the child isaffected by at least three (3) of the following. Please be sure that you discuss issues that are relevant to your topic:·   Socially,·   Cognitively,·   Emotionally·    PhysicallyYou can find much of this information in Chapter 8. You must also must you’re your topic to information provided in either Chapter 2: Biological Psychology or Chapter 4: Consciousness, whichever chapter has relevance for your topic. Papers that do not provide information from Chapter 8 and Chapter 2 or 4 will be heavily penalized.Again, be sure to identify how the child might be affected socially, cognitively, emotionally and/or physically and then provide a detailed discussion of the consequences of the affliction.  20 points.For your hypothetical situation, you must also discuss how the parents may be affected. Please be detailed in this section. You must research potential resources available to parents who need assistance with a child afflicted with social, cognitive, emotional or physical problems related to their “lot in life.” This section is worth 20 points.Conclusion: You must provide a 2-3 sentence summary concluding statement. Summarize the important aspects of your essay. This section is worth 5 points.

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