Education In History Paper

Private School vs. Public School

This part of your exam is an INDIVIDUAL paper. In a written response of a MINIMUM of 1000 words, choose a winner in the Public/Private/Charter ED Battle. You should use as much course content as possible to write your response.  Additional research may be necessary and is always appropriate. Address the following:

  • Why did you choose that winner?
  • How is it connected to the various ideas of the course?
  • How would various thinkers respond (Thomas Jefferson, Horace Mann, Booker T. Washington, etc.) to your choice?
  • What is the philosophical/ideological/political connections to this decision?
  • Who benefits from this choice? Who suffers?
  • What will happen if your winner stays the winner?
  • What will happen when/if ideologies change?
  • How does society as a whole benefit from your winner?
  • How does society as a whole suffer?
  • And any other issue/idea you deem relevant
  • I’ve already chosen public school as my winner because of there is no tuition, teachers have to be certified and because private schools pick their children.
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