IOP/455: Professional Ethics, Discussion Response (2)

Please respond to classmate. Be constructive and professional in your responses.

Response should be at least 175 words.

One (1) APA reference needed.

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Kenya Johnson

9:31 PM

Hello everyone,

The main purpose of business ethics is to make sure that trust and reliable service is established between consumers and an organization. In my opinion, I believe that since our company is based in 15 countries, yes we should have an international code of business ethics to ensure compliance throughout the whole organization. Most international businesses want to encourage organizations to adapt to the host country’s culture but I think that we should follow the guidelines of our organization. I believe that an organization’s business ethics and morals guidelines should be aligned across the board. When it comes to International laws, they may not be too helpful in guiding conduct and it is unclear whether a country’s legal system has regulatory authority over global transactions. Let’s consider developing countries, their ideas of pay, behavior and culture may be different from ours so you want to make sure that the employees are treated the same way and That they understand they will be supported in their decisions by having a standard code of business ethics. Also what may be widely successful in the states may not go over well in other countries So you have to have a plan for that.


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T. Dunfee and R. C. Holland, “Viable Ethical Standards for Global Corporations: A Glimpse of What Might Emerge,” Unpublished paper (Philadelphia: Wharton School, 1993).

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