First, please review the Learning resources on New Religious Movements, focusing the key characteristics and dimensions of these movements and groups.  Then, using a Google search or, find an article about a new religious movement that is interesting to you.  (Note: either a scholarly source, such as a research journal, or an authoritative source, such as an online news article or the website of the organization, is acceptable.)

For ideas on a new religious movement to choose for this post, please see this Wikipedia page (  (Note: Generally it’s best to avoid using Wikipedia as a resource; however, when it comes to getting ideas for further exploration, it can be very, very helpful!).

Write a brief summary of the article you found and tie-in your article with at least 2 of the Learning resources. , citing them in the text and also listing the Learning Resources you have used as references at the end of your post, using APA citation style.


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