10 annotated bibliographies

Ten Annotations:The assignment assesses student ability to use technology in obtaining peer-reviewed published empirical studies on a topic of choice. After reading and critically evaluating the articles an annotation will be prepared for each one.1. Find 10 articles relevant to the research topic. you will complete the annotated bibliographies for 10 articles based on your research topic in one paper2. Read the articles for understanding. Expect to read each article numerous times focusing on the purpose of the study (hypothesis), how it was tested (the method), the results (do they support or refute the hypothesis? and what it means (discussion)?3. According to APA style and guidelines prepare a title page for your manuscript (page 1).4. According to APA style and guidelines prepare the heading for an Abstract and include Keywords: (page 2). You do not actually need to write an abstract.5. Begin the annotated bibliography on page 3 by repeating the Title from your Title page, followed by the reference for the first article annotated and the actual annotation, reference for the second article and the actual annotation, and so on.6. The last page will be the references again.7. Include a .pdf of the first page of each article.

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