Psychiatric Conditions: Bias and Shame

It is highly recommended that you also watch one or two of the videos on mental illness from the TED playlist, All kinds of minds (9 talks), as these provide valuable insights into a variety of disorders and the issues associated with them.

For this discussion, refer to the information in the “Introduction to the Miller Family document.” Lucy Miller is a 20-year-old college student who has recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  Sarah Miller, her mother, recalls that as a teen, Lucy would get very talkative at night and couldn’t go to sleep.  Sarah also recalled that Lucy was kicked off the cheerleading squad when her GPA fell below 3.0, and that during this time, Lucy’s friends were being mean to her. When this occurred, Lucy was “really down” for a couple of months.  She didn’t want to talk to a counselor and she told her mother Sarah that she would be fine. Lucy blamed the entire situation on the issues with the girls in her class. However, coping with the mood swings became increasingly difficult for her. Lucy began experimenting casually with illegal drugs and found that they helped. Unfortunately, she kept getting them from friends at school and has now become addicted to them.

Examine the potential biological basis for Lucy’s psychological disorder. What, if anything, in her family history might point to this issue being hereditary?  Be sure to apply basic medical terminology where appropriate. Consider the biases that are often held regarding mental illness.  How much volition is involved in mental illness?  How much is related to environment and genetics?  Do we think about mental illness differently when we know the person well versus if the person is a stranger (e.g., a homeless individual or a panhandler on the street)?  Analyze the impact that our stage of lifespan development has on how we think of our own mental health and the mental health of others. What impact does it have on our associated behaviors and the long-term outcomes associated with the disorder? 


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Online Dating/ Online Predators/Sex Offenders, assignment help

Your Course Project Title Goes Here (Topic -Online Dating/ Online Predators/Sex Offenders )

The purpose of a proposalis to highlight standout ideas, and to do so in a manner that can convince an audience to support a project. Proposals delivered in a workplace are often part of a competitive process in which the strongest proposal is offered the business. In these contexts, effective word choice and professional delivery define the effective communication of an idea. Your research proposal will be presented as a sentence outline. As the name suggests, the sentence outline presents complete thoughts in complete sentences as opposed to phrases. In each section of the proposal, choose ideas with the goal of persuading your reader to believe that you are interested in the topic and ready to learn how to develop the topic into a project. Use a complete sentence to provide the response to each of the questions below.You can use first person. Use APA documentation for the final section of the proposal to document any sources referenced in your proposal. Remember to put at least two items at any given level of the outline, as shown in this template and the sample proposal. 

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Art History questions about Giotto article , history homework help

I am having trouble with these three questions for my Art History class. I have an article to help answer them as well and I will attach it. The answers have to be 125 minimum for each answer. These are the questions.

1. This article discusses Giotto’s use of illusion and “things not seen” to support the religious narrative in his paintings. Explain how the 15th century writer Cennino Cenninidefines the art of painting and the crucial use of illusion in painting.

2. Discuss the importance of Giotto’s “Joachim Among the Shepherds,” [Fig. 4] as an example of his “skill in manipulating the devices of pictorial illusion…to suggest realities beyond the threshhold of representation….”

3. What does the word ingegno mean? How may it be applied to Giotto, and perhaps his painting “Kiss of Judas,” [Fig. 7]?

I will attach two documents one containing the article to help with the questions and another is an abstract about them as well. If you have any questions please ask me, don’t worry about the font style or size. And if you use any outside sources please cite them as well.

Thank you in advance.

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Resume draft, English homework help

As our textbook asserts: “If your resume is badly written or looks unprofessional, employers won’t bother to look at your application letter and other employment materials” (298).

Needless to say, your resume is an important document that often serves as the first impression you will make on a potential employer. Having a resume that is both well-written and well-designed is important in a competitive job market.

This week, we’ll focus on creating a draft of your resume. Perhaps you already have a resume. That’s great! You can use this opportunity, then, to revisit, rethink, and revise this draft.

As you create your resume, consider the following:

1. No Templates! If you use an MS Word, or similar, resume template, so are thousands of other folks. In a competitive job market, you want your resume to stand out and be different from the competition. So, do not use a resume template.

2. Use action words. Page 306 has a great list to get you started, and you should also check out the LifeHacker article for an additional list.

3. Follow a specific format (chronological or functional).

4. When listing your work experiences, you want to emphasize your position or job title, not the company/organization for which you worked.

5. Design is important. Consider the principles of design as you create your resume and organize content. Creating clean lines–through alignment–for example, allows reader-users to follow the overall structure of your resume. A splash of color might be helpful too. But don’t overdo it. And stick to professional colors such as blues.

6. Create a header. Your header should allow your name to stand out–either through color, font size, or both, and include your contact information.

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Soc 308 W4 Racial & Ethnic Groups D2

Jose Vasconcelos proposed the assimilation of ethnic groups in Mexico into a new “cosmic race.” This concept is discussed in the readings as well as in The Cosmic Race. More information can be found with a web search.

After reviewing your text, the linked document above, and others found in your web search, describe what Jose Vasconcelos means by a cosmic race and then evaluate the cultural ramifications of this idea. Compare this evaluation with the melting pot ideal of the US. Use these two examples to infer the role of national or cultural identity to a given society.  

Your initial post for each discussion should be a minimum of 250 words. Use scholarly sources to support your responses. Include citations and references in APA style.

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Cultural conflict

Current Event Essay

Select a news article from a reputable news source (online, that covers national and/or international events.  A few exemplary sources could include the New York Times, the Washington Journal, the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, and Time Magazine. 

1. Summarize the article/event in 500 words

2. Write your personal thoughts and reaction/response to it.

Some current conflicts today could range from something on an international scale, like war in the Middle-East, terrorism/nuclear weapons issues, sexual violence in Sierre Leone, political upheaval in Africa, or the debt crisis in Europe, to events on a national scale, like the teachers protest in Chicago, gender inequality in the workplace, sexual harassment—anything where there are conflicting opinions (abortion, immigration, same-sex marriage, the economy, healthcare, etc.).  Be sure to include a link of the news article to which are referring.

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Oedipus the Kind and Odysseus comparison

Using at least four points of criteria for comparison, compare and contrast the leadership skills and abilities of both Oedipus and Odysseus. How are they alike? How are they different? Use specific examples from both literary works to illustrate your points. 400 word minimum, use quotes from Oedipus the King by Sophocles and The Odyssey by Homer

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counseling with solutions for the dilemmas , psychology homework help


We want clients to leave counseling with solutions for the dilemmas that initially brought them to counseling.We also want them to learn resiliency skills that will help them master future challenges.What are some skills or resources that you would like clients to learn in the counseling process?


Do you think personal counseling should be required for all people practicing psychotherapy? Why or why not?

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Phi 210- Sensory PerceptionsDue Week 3

Assignment 1: Sensory PerceptionsDue Week 3

Can you really trust your senses and the interpretation of sensory data to give you an accurate view of the world? Describe and discuss the accuracy and the weaknesses of the human senses as they pertain to thinking in general and to your own thinking in particular. 

Write a two to three (2-3) page paper in which you:
1.  Provide at least three (3) reasons for believing in the accuracy or inaccuracy of sensory information.
2.  Identify and describe at least three (3) factors contributing to the accuracy of sensory data.
3.  Discuss the role of memory with regard to the interpretation and evaluation of sensory data.
4.  Use at least two (2) quality resources in this assignment. Your textbook may count as one (1) source. At least one (1) of your sources must be obtained from the collection of databases accessible from the Learning Resources Center Web page.

Your assignment must:
•  Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
•  Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
•  Develop skills for overcoming barriers which limit objective and productive critical thinking.
•  Create written work utilizing the concepts of critical thinking.
•  Demonstrate adherence to academic integrity policy and APA Style guidelines for academic citations.
•  Use technology and information resources to research issues in critical thinking skills and informal logic.
•  Write clearly and concisely about issues in critical thinking using proper writing mechanics.

Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic/organization of the paper, and language and writing skills, using this rubric.

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States and Societies of West Africa, writing assignment help

Please read carefully, then answer the questions from the attached file.

States and Societies of West Africa The reading in this packet is taken from Jerry Bentley and Herbert Ziegler, Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past, 5 th ed. (2011), Chapter 18: “States and Societies of Sub-Saharan Africa,” pages 371-388. As you read through each section, take sufficient notes on the following questions to be able to refer to them in class discussion and/or a quiz (2-3 lines per item with enough detail to illustrate the main point and trigger your memory, in your own words as much as possible). The page numbers refer to the pages in this packet. 1. (2 & 7): Who was Sundiata and what were some of his key accomplishments? 2. (3): What agricultural & technological developments led to Bantu population growth? 3. (4): Describe how decisions were made and order maintained in “stateless societies.” 4. (4-5): How and why did cities and chiefdoms and kingdoms emerge? 5. (5-7): What was the impact of Islam on sub-Saharan Africa? 6. (5-7): Briefly explain the importance of camels, trade, and gold. 7. (8-10): Briefly describe the general characteristics of these features in African societies: a. Social classes; b. Gender relations and women’s roles; c. Age grades; d. Slavery and slave trading; and e. Religion.

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