Complete Attachment

Complete attachment. Respond to the following questions in 1,250 to 1,500 words. Respond with three or more scholarly references. Use citations, cite your references.  Cite every sentence with content from your sources. There are a few ways to do that including just putting the citation at the end of each sentence.

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a holiday alphabet

Children’s Picture Book (Counting or Alphabet) ..power point

An introduction that describes your choice of topic (what you chose and why)

ii.  An explanation of the choices you made in illustrating the book

1.  What were you trying to accomplish with the illustrations.

2.  How the process of creating the illustrations worked out for you (easy, difficult, etc.)

( You may create a Power Point presentation, you may create an actual book (which you will have to leave at one of the campuses), or you may create a regular Word document with the information on it.

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Ethics Psychology 101

Ethics is an important part of every research project. Adherence to ethical guidelines helps researchers protect both themselves and participants. Reflect on the study you proposed in Discussion 1 this week. Review the reading from your course textbook as well as the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct and Institutional Review Boards Frequently Asked Questions: Information Sheet articles.  Select one ethical guideline from these sources that relates to your study proposal from Discussion 1.  Briefly describe the guideline and explain how you would address its specifications in your study.  Provide an example and be as specific as possible as you explain.  

The class’ selections should vary (please do not all pick the same guideline) and your selection must relate to your specific topic from Discussion 1.  Your initial post must be a minimum of 200 words and utilize at least one scholarly source (e.g., the course textbook, a peer-reviewed article from the Ashford University Library, or a professional web source), cited according to APA format

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week 2

• Discuss the questions that would be important to include when interviewing a patient with this issue.• Describe the clinical findings that may be present in a patient with this issue.• Are there any diagnostic studies that should be ordered on this patient? Why?• List the primary diagnosis and three differential diagnoses for this patient. Explain your reasoning for each.• Discuss your management plan for this patient, including pharmacologic therapies, tests, patient education, referrals, and follow-ups.ATTACHED IS THE CASE SCENARIO….NEED TO USE 2 REFERENCES AT LEAST

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leardership and managing

Assignment DescriptionLeadership and ManagingThis week you reflected upon the difference between a “manager” and a “leader” and discussed this concept with your classmates and professor in the discussion board. In a written essay please answer the following questions:What are the differences between leaders and managers? What characteristics are similar and what are different?Provide a total of three examples. First, of someone who has great managerial skills. Second, another individual with great leadership skills. Third, another person with poor managerial skills. These can be made up individuals or examples you have seen without any identifying information. Discuss how the staff of each individual would be affected by the skills of the leader/manager.Complete the Emotional Intelligence Test Discuss your scores and what they mean. What did you learn about yourself as a leader? (Note that a 10 on the EI test means strong. On the score page, click on the blue “here” under “interpreting your GEIT scores, click here” for more information on each section and what it means.Assignment Expectations:Length: 1500 to 2000 words total (at least 500 words per question prompt)Structure: Include a title page and reference page in APA format. These do not count towards the minimum word count for this assignment. Your essay must include an introduction and a conclusion.References: Use appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. A minimum of three (3) scholarly sources are required for this assignment.

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In need of an 8-10 page research paper due 26 jun that is free of plagerism

I am in need of a paper 8-10 page research paper in APA format  on “Pesticides sprayed of vegetables and fruits and how it affects the human body.” The “abstract” must summarize the research paper in 200-250 words. The body paragraphs must contain a topic sentence, explanation of topic sentence (1-2 sentences), introduction to evidence (1-2 sentences), evidence, explanation of evidence, transition. The conclusion (at lease 150 words) puts together the entire paper. This paper must also have list of 5 different academic references. This paper is due on 26 june 2015. I am willing to pay $40-$50. Will you be willing to do this paper?

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Week two project theories of nursing

InstructionsWeek 2 ProjectThis week you will turn in a draft of your “Personal Philosophy and Theoretical Concepts” paper. Your paper should contain the following sections:Nursing Autobiography: A brief (1 page) discussion of your background in nursing. This does not include future goals.The Four Metaparadigms:Describe what the literature says about the basic four metaparadigms/concepts of patient, nurse, health, and environment. Do not relate the metaparadigms to the theory you have chosen.Briefly describe the theory you have chosen.Two Practice-Specific Concepts:in separate subsections discuss each of your two concepts:What is the definition of the concept (outside of the theory)?How does your theorist define your concept?How does this concept apply to your clinical setting? Give an example of how nurses in your area provide care that correlates with the theorist’s definition of the concept.You MUST use the attached template here to complete your paper.The paper is to be thoroughly researched and well documented, with relevant material from the nursing theorists presented incorporated into the paper. Use the current edition of the APA Manual throughout the paper. Sources should focus on references from nursing theory but may also include conceptual and theoretical material from other professional domains. The paper, excluding references or appendices, is to be limited to 3-5 pages. Writing should be succinct and well organized, as it is impossible for the facilitator to evaluate form and content separately.i have attached the templeTe to this document. I have 6 years of experience in the nursing field I work in telemetry/ med surg/ Neuro telemetry/ home heaLth and now I am In management. I have chosen pigens theories for this paper and I have want To be a family nurse practitioner.

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socw 6351 Position Paper

Sometimes, during heated discussions and debates about social policy, the underlying reasons for the policy go unnoticed. Advocates and policymakers may become so committed to their perspectives and to winning the debates that they lose focus on the larger context surrounding an issue. The purpose of policy is to improve the lives and well-being of individuals and groups in our society. As you assume the role of a social work policymaker, consider the importance of keeping the needs and experiences of vulnerable populations at the forefront of your mind in your advocacy efforts. This can help to assure effective policy practice.For this Assignment, you will analyze a state, federal, or global social welfare policy that affects an at-risk, marginalized, oppressed, underrepresented, or over looked group population.  Finally, consider the impact of social policy from the perspective of the group you selected.(5-7 double-spaced pages, APA format). In addition to a minimum of eight scholarly references, which may include electronic government documents and reputable websites, your paper should include:A description of the current policy approach for addressing the social issue you selected (HOMELESS POPULATION-SOCIAL ISSUE)A description of the current policy goals for addressing the social issue you selectedA description of the population the current policy approach coversAn explanation of the funding levels for the current policy approach and whether they are sufficient to address the issueAn explanation of how this policy may affect at-risk, marginalized, underrepresented, overlooked, or oppressed populations.Identify a specific at-risk population.An analysis of whether or not the policy meets the needs of the population groups most affected by the policy.Recommendations for alternative policies that would address the gaps identified in the policy. Please be specific in recommendations.

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Why English people to immigrate to North America?,business and finance homework help

Explain what motivated English people to immigrate to North America in the early
17th century in topically. For example:  the domestic problems in England, poverty issue, the burgeoning profit motivated companies, etc .
1.I need at least 4 factors
(Don’t write the topic I put on top! You have find out other factors and explain it!
2.One of the factor should be “religious issue”
3.Each topic should explain in detail. Remember show your resource. write as much as you can. 
4. It must do by yourself, you can do research but don’t copy and paste from the internet!!!!

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Need help editing paper

new revice oct9th for class 500 research.doc 

this is the profs comments , you should look at it again – does it tell the story you want to tell?  Is there anything you should take out?  Is there anything you need to add?

Also, you will want a paragraph outlining “the conversations” that are going on about KSA-Yemen — “Discussions about Yemen today usually focus on three  [2? 4?] issues.  Scholars like ___ and ___ talk about [something – culture? poverty? Iran?].  Others, like ___ and ___, focus on [what? Shia-Sunni?  Al-Qaeda?].  Others, like ___, ___, and ___ focus on [whatever the other conversation is]. In this paper, I will [focus on culture…  or “challenge those who focus on Iran…  Or whatever you want to do”  —this paragraph tells the reader (1) what people are talking about about Yemen, and (2) what you want to add to the debate about Yemen.Also, you will want a paragraph (probably the second or third paragraph) that says “This paper begins by considering the current debates about Yemen (the paragraph I just described above – called the “literature review”).  The paper will then [what does it talk about next?]  Next, the paper will …[what?].  Finally, the paper will conclude with …[what is your conclusion?].

please revise that ?

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