Integrative Essay 2

In this essay we’ll reflect a bit upon our Do First experiences in simulating the physical changes that accompany normal aging.  Think for a moment about some of the older people you’ve either known personally, or encountered while out and about. Did you ever find yourself losing patience with them? Or being annoyed by something they did or didn’t do to your liking? Have you, for example, ever been irritated by an elderly driver that was going too slow for you? Or been irritated by having to repeat yourself because they couldn’t hear you? Or maybe they had to walk slowly because they got winded easily?Think, then, about their experience. Think about the fact that, hopefully, you will one day be like them. What you experienced in this exercise was intended to give you a flavor of what that will be like. What, then, should you change? What would the older version of you ask of the younger, annoyed generations? Make sure to integrate Saint Leo’s core values here in whatever way seems most appropriate to you.

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