2-3 Page Paper Needed Asap Needed in ****6 hours*** Re: Aphasias

2-3 Page Paper Needed AsapAphasias are language disorders that result from damage to the language areas of the brain and affect a person’s ability to communicate. While psychologists and clinicians recognize several different types of aphasia, the most common and best understood are described as fluent aphasia (Wernicke’s aphasia) and non-fluent aphasia (Broca’s aphasia). Aphasias result from damage to specific parts of the left hemisphere (however, for a minority, it’s the right hemisphere) of the brain that are involved with comprehending and producing language.The network of brain regions involved in language is found in the left hemisphere of the brain in the majority of people (96% of right-handed individuals and 70% of left-handed individuals). In any communication behavior, linguistic information comes into the brain, is comprehended, and a response is generated.The Assignment (2–3 pages):Suppose you just need to repeat out loud a sentence you just read or heard. Starting with written or heard information in the primary visual or primary auditory cortex, describe how that information is transferred to the parts of the language network that comprehend language. Next, describe how this information is transmitted to the parts of the brain that produce language.Second, consider what happens when damage affects our ability to communicate. Briefly compare and contrast Broca and Wernicke’s aphasias in terms of the location of the damage and the effects on language and communication.Finally, summarize the attached article “Effect of choir activity in the rehabilitation of aphasia: a blind, randomised, controlled pilot Study” about aphasia. In your summary, discuss what the researchers did and how this research extends our understanding of this aphasia beyond what was described in the textbook. If the article was about recovery of function or a therapy, describe the therapy and how it might impact the quality of life for people with aphasia.References for this paper must come from both of these items listed below:The attached article: “Effect of choir activity in the rehabilitation of aphasia: a blind, randomised, controlled pilot Study”The National Aphasia Association website:https://www.aphasia.org/aphasia-definitions/

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