#2 psychology questions

Please answer each question pertaining to psychology. Please APA format and provide refences.Due by Thursdaty Morning.1. Evaluate or give an example of an ethical resolution processes that pertain to conflicting organizational interests.2.  What are some ethical conflicts related to psychological assessment in forensic cases.4. What mitigating factors can make resolving ethical issues difficult in clinical settings?How can the APA Ethics Code and enforceable standards assist psychologists in resolving such issues? Ch 45. Can the APA Ethics Code assist psychologists in resolving ethical conflicts with conflicting organizational interests? Why or why not? Which interests should predominate when conflicting interests occur? Why? ch 46. How can a psychologist minimize the ethical issues related to conducting a forensic assessment? What actions do the APA Ethics Code require? What possible challenges could you encounter?7. We are to take ‘reasonable steps’ to maintain ethics in the workplace.  See if you can think of some examples of reasonable steps for the following:You are a psych intern at a major HMO organization in an outpatient psych department.  You see only children and adolescents.  One practitioner goes by the company rules and if the child (by no fault of their own) is late for appointments by 1-2 minutes every time.  The practitioner refuses to see that child because then he can spend that hour catching up on charting of his other clients.You are a psych intern at a rural mental health clinic with two psychologists to supervise you.  One of the psychologists does not like to teach so won’t supervise you.  The other psychologist that does supervise you constantly ‘name drops’ some of his local celebrity clients issues without it really being a teaching moment.You are a new psychologist in a midtown practice.  You specialize in eating disorders.  One of the other practitioners refuses to refer eating disordered clients to you because they want the income from them.You are in a PhD practicum and it is the expectation of the site that as an intern you go pick up your child clients, see them in the office, and then return them home in your personal car.  “It’s the way we do things here” is the answer as to why it is done this way.Class: what could you do in each case4. How can psychologist provide ethical information to courts give an example

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