20 slides powerpoint:Team Management_4 types of teams profile

You will develop power point presentation on each topic. Use APA format throughout. Include appropriate references. 

BA 606 Team Management:

Power Point Presentation 1

Part 1: Types of Teams

Identify four (4) types of teams. What are their characteristics? Which of the teams do you mostly identify with and why? Support your presentation with appropriate references. Using APA format.

Part 2: Four challenges of the future that point to the importance of teams:

The follow topics pose challenges to effective team management. Why? Support your presentation with appropriate reference. Using APA format.

• Information Technology

• Competition

• Globalization and Culture

• Multi-Generational Teams

Specific Instructions:

1. Discuss requirements for Parts 1 and 2 above.

2. Develop power points. You power points should contain a minimum of 20 slides (excluding the cover page and reference page).

3. Use APA format throughout.

4. Answer all parts.

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