3 Page paper APA -URGENT

*****Please READ the attached article to complete the assignment!!!· First, summarize the article attached titled: Prenatal Exposure to Progesterone Affects Sexual Orientation in Humans and describe the biological basis of sexual orientation, including the brain regions, neurotransmitters, and hormones that may be associated with sexual orientation. Also consider any developmental factors that may influence later sexual orientation. Include any relevant anatomical or physiological markers that seem to be associated with a particular sexual orientation.Summarize your      article on the biological basis of sexual orientation in enough detail      that your reader will understand what was done in the study and what the      results of the study.Finally, develop      and describe a high-level overview of an educational program about the      biological basis of sexual orientation. This should be appropriate to      present to a middle school biology class. What would you include in this      educational program? What would you not include in the educational      program? How would you convey the ideas you have described in this week’s      Assignment in a way that would not offend your audience, but would also      minimize the giggles of young teenagers?*** The article attached must be used, please cite from the article attached and other sources!***

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