3 Page Paper Needed Immediately

The short story to be written about is “THE STORM” by Kate Chopin

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Write a substantial, well-considered, solidly structured, thoroughly developed paper of at least 3 full pages (double spaced) that adheres to the rules of MLA for Citation and formatting, including both in-text and a Works Cited page.Of course, this paper will have a clearly stated thesis in the introduction that clearly paves the way for the paper as a whole, body paragraphs that have topic sentences (to provide transition and to focus each paragraph and relate it back to the thesis) and use direct textual evidence in the form of quotations from the text to support your ideas, and a satisfying conclusion.

Students must write a literary analysis paper about ONE key element of  one of the stories that is listed below.  These are not stories we are discussing as a class; instead, they are “fresh” stories for you to consider (and, I hope, enjoy).  This assignment asks you to analyze some key aspect of the story—such as point of view, character (how does a character change?Who has the power in the story, and why?), setting, irony, symbolism, or style—and explore that element over the course of the essay.You MUST discuss the element in depth and provide some discussion about how the element helps support theme.

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