3 Pages history paper ( World Civilization to 1600 )

History World Civilizations to 1600

Write a 2-3 or page paper on the following topic:

  Aeschylus’ trilogy, The Oresteia, depicts a problem within the House of Atreus that also intertwined closely with events beyond ‘the house’.  The three combined plays also eventually present at least the makings of a solution to that problem, and in that respect they may represent at least some degree of institutional advancement toward greater justice for human beings in complex historical societies. 

The question for your paper is in three parts. First, as presented in The Oresteia, what was the problem within the House of Atreus, and how did it intertwine with and reflect events (even if some may be legendary and not established as fact) on the larger societal and historical stage?  Second, explain what was the eventual solution to the problem within the house of Atreus.  Third, are you confident in the way the problem was resolved by the end of the trilogy?  Why or why not?  Was the problem of the House of Atreus something inherent in human nature or was it something produced by the type of society and conflict that characterized the Mycenean world?

It will be best if you show that you are staying close to the text of the trilogy.  Do this through careful exposition of the ‘problem’ and its intertwinings with the world beyond, supported by carefully selected and brief quotations. Write carefully and concisely.

For part three, be sure to refer to specific historical examples, arguments and ideas from the course.  Avoid simplistic and historically unfounded opinions.

Be sure to cite the titles and page numbers of the texts and quotations you use.  You can do this in parentheses within the text, or use footnotes, which is preferable.  For The Oresteia itself, provide either the webpage address or the name of the press, the translator and the date of publication, along with all appropriate page numbers, whether those are pdf pages or from a hard copy text. In using any other text from the course, put in the name of the text and the page number, and in using lecture or discussion material, do your best to provide the date for that material.

The paper should be double-spaced, with normal margins and 12 point font.  It must have a title

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