4 Discussion questions – PHE-4055

*Please no plagiarism – no copy paste–answer all questions–stay on topic*PHE – 4055 – DiscussionsPART 1 —*150 words—-include references*Disparities in Public Health PlanningCertain ethnic and racial minorities as well as other underserved populations experience more negative consequences of illness and premature death than other groups.Using the Internet, research the disparities in public health planning. Based on your understanding of these disparities, answer the following questions:· What do the terms “diversity” and “health disparities” mean to you? How are the two terms related?· How are these terms relevant to health program planning and evaluation?· How does the cultural diversity of populations affect the program planning and evaluation processes? Explain these in terms of the various stages of the planning and evaluation cycle.PART 2 —-*150 words—include references*Health AssessmentsMost community health assessments involve the analysis of some type of population-based data. However, there are many different data sources and statistical techniques that can be used. The question then becomes, which statistical sources are most appropriate for describing health problems? In short, it is essential for you to review some of the basic statistical techniques used in these analyses.Utilizing resources such as interviews of key staff, documents at your local government health offices(Georgia), and the Internet, compile your observations about the types of statistics used in describing health problems within your community. Based on your observations and understanding, respond to the following:· Examine and explain the types of statistics used in describing health problems.· Describe an odds ratio.· Describe relative risk.· Describe a confidence intervalPART 3 —-*150 words—include references*Implementing a health programImplementing a health program involves many challenges.The Internet, and personal interactions with your local health authorities (Georgia) to understand the various facets of implementing public health programs. Based on your research and understanding, respond to the following:· Explain the four categories of information, which provide a useful framework for organizing a community health program.· Describe the importance of assessing program implementation in a public health program.· There are three levels of program implementation. Describe each of them and the significance of each level of program implementation.· The public health pyramid is an overarching framework for public health planning and evaluation. Explain program implementation at the various levels of the public health pyramid.PART 4 —*150 words —include references*Economic Evaluations of Health ProgramsProgram planners and evaluators need a basic understanding of economic evaluation. In addition, they may be faced with certain ethical issues. Interview your local healthcare professionals and evaluators. Based on your interactions, provide responses to the following:· Analyze and select two types of economic evaluations. Compare the two evaluations, in relation to the factors that may affect the decision to conduct each of the economic evaluations.· Describe at least two potential ethical and social issues related to program implementation.· Explain the approach(s) you might take to address these ethical issues.

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