academic success

The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on your academic story to date, as well as discuss your goals for the remainder of your time at your University. By learning about and considering your preferred learning style(s), as well as reflecting on what has helped to make you succeed academically to this point, you will construct a brief academic autobiography that looks both back at your successes and forward towards your goals in the near- and long-term.AS Instructions:In a short MLA-format essay (550 words), briefly discuss your academic experience to this point. Consider the following to help guide your answer: How would you summarize your academic achievement to date? What are your academic and/or career goals? What do you view as your strengths and weaknesses in college so far? How can the learning support mechanisms discussed in this Unit (Academic Integrity Policy, Student Code of Conduct, Counseling Center, Writing Center, Public Speaking Lab, etc.) help you achieve your academic goals?

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