Acute Kidney Disease

Introduction and identification of the healthcare concern (Also,       why you chose this topic.)Normal anatomy and physiology of the affected organ(s)Pathophysiology/etiology of the diseaseIncidence and prevalence rates (i.e. how many people have the       disease)Mortality rates – include age-adjusted data if available (i.e.       how many people are dying from the disease)Risk factors for the diseaseGold standard(s) for managing this disease across its lifespan       (LHIs, or other goals – ex: A1c <7); HP2020 (or other credible       sources)Primary Interventions (Health Promotion/Disease Prevention)i. Health Promotionii. Disease prevention (as applicable)iii. Create a sample health education program – be specific – provide a content outline with goals, objectives and measurable outcomes (use template provided)Secondary Interventions (Early diagnosis and prompt treatment to       limit disability of the disease)i. Risk Assessment & Screening (discuss known risk factors and who should be screened and when as a result), risk assessment, screening and invasive testing. Note: be specific…include values and implications – use evidenced based practice.ii. Diagnosis (i.e. what criteria are used to diagnose this disease?)iii. Treatment – be specific – how is disease/concern treated? Include diagnostic testing, pharmacotherapeutics, labwork, management protocols, etc.Tertiary Interventions (Chronic disease management or       “wrap-around care” program)i. Discharge planning, follow-up, subspecialty referrals, meds, labs…..ii. Patient education – Detail specifically what the educational needs are…Conclusions – including what are the implications if we do not       respond to this disease….both for the individual and the healthcare       system

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