Advantages and disadvantages of IoT

My research paper will discuss the internet of things. It will basically cover the meaning of the internet of things, its history and how the internet of things works. The paper shall give various applications of using the internet of things. The Internet of things basically refers to the interconnection of devices in order to improve services. Sensors are useful in the internet of things since they perform the role of data collection. The IoT has been used in smart buildings, smart farms, smart cities, and even smart vehicles. However, there exist issues with data privacy brought about by the use of the internet of things.

My question will be what are the advantages and disadvantages of IoT?

My research method will be Descriptive Qualitative (Ethnography/ Case Study) Detailed descriptions of a specific situation(s) using interviews, observations, document review You describe things as they are. How do people implement this program? What challenges do people face? What are people’s perceptions? Did the program cause any changes in participants’ outcomes?

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