AMERICA’S BEST ARCHITECTURE, art & design homework help

  • America’s Best Architecture

  • Tell me why you chose that particular building or monument.2. Research the building/monument of choice and provide information that reveals why it would make its way into a documentary about the best architecture in America. Tell me what makes this building unique/special. Consider elements such as design, building materials, eco friendliness, etc.Make sure that these are at least about a page in length.
  • The Bauhaus

  • Provide information that reveals what made the Bauhaus so unique/special. For its time, no other place on earth was like it. Not only do we owe art, design and architecture to it, but it grandfathered many contemporary institutions.Make sure that these are at least about a age in length.
  • Golden Section: Mathmagic Land

  • The following Disney film discusses the Golden Section and Sacred Geometry. Discuss what is so important about the Golden Section. Provide facts and a visual/critical analysis of the “old school” Disney experience. Make sure that these are about a page in length.
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