Analysis and Argumentative Essay – Counterargument & Rebuttal

Analysis and Argument.

For your second essay, you must pick a song with lyrics to analyze, figure out who the intended audience is, and then tell me how the song was either successful and unsuccessful at reaching out to their target audience. Furthermore, you must include a counterargument, which is an argument that goes against your main evaluation, and a rebuttal to your counterargument, which will tell me why your main evaluation is still more convincing than your counterargument (essentially, tell me how an opponent of your argument could tell you that you are wrong, and what you would say to that opponent). 

Components of this essay include:

A thesis statement

Song title and analysis

At least four quotes from the song to support your argument

Analysis of the intended audience for the song

An argument about whether or not the song reached the target audience



The essay also must:

Be at least three pages long

Be in MLA format

Have clear and correct grammar and syntax 

Be in a formal voice



I don’t want it to be complicated and high level writing. I just want it to be understandable and clear

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