Analyst Report

Analyst Report – 125 points

(This assignment is to be completed individually)

Part 1:  Executive Summary – 10 points

GOAL:  For this section of the assignment you will have to succinctly summarize important information included in the annual report to provide the reader with a quick overview of the contents.   Look at key findings from your report including financial information as well as industry information.    Things that can be included – (these are just ideas include others if relevant):  current financial information depicting health of organization, new products or markets, future growth opportunities.   It is worth noting that an executive summary in business usually does not exceed one page, be clear and concise.

Part 2:  Company Profile – 10 points

GOAL:  For this section of the assignment you will have to locate pertinent company information contained in the annual report or on financial websites (example is  Bullet pointing this information is appropriate for your report. 

You will have to identify the following items that are specific to your company:

*Ticker symbol

*Mission Statement as it is printed in the Annual Report

*Corporate headquarters location

*Date of Incorporation

*Public Auditor

*Name of CEO

*Name of CFO

*Stock classifications (common, preferred, both?)

*Exchange  (e.g.: NYSE, Nasdaq)

*Dividends (have they been issued and for how much)

Part 3:  Industry Profile – 30 points

GOAL:  For this section of the assignment you will have to locate pertinent company information contained on financial websites (ONE example is 

  • Identify the market sector to which your company belongs.  Describe what a market sector is and list three industry leaders and three industry laggards in the sector
  • Identify and define the industry to which your company belongs.  Research and describe what specific characteristics must a company have to be in that industry
  • Attach your company’s stock performance in comparison to your company’s two largest competitors stock performance over the past two years.  Note on the graph three events. These can be company, industry or market specific events. In detail, describe the events and their effect on your company’s stock performance.   This can be done either in Excel or using web based applications as the data set is large in this example.
  • Graph, using a pie chart in Excel,  your company versus other companies (at least 3) in the industry with market capitalization data.  Make observations and describe your observations.  Make sure your graph is labeled properly including a legend, a title, and appropriate data labels as well.
  • In detail, discuss the global presence of your company/industry. Identify three international elements that are critical to your company’s success & global presence.

Part 3:  Current Events/Future Outlook – 30 points

            GOAL:  For this section of the assignment you will have to use business periodicals,        online sources, and the annual report to start to understand the relationship between         significant internal corporate events/external global events and company financial      performance.  Deliverables in this section include:

  1. Two relevant articles – one domestic and one global – on current events affecting either your company or your industry (or preferably both).  Must be recent articles, within the past 12 months.  Articles must be attached, not linked, to document, and you are required to summarize the event in your own words and why you found it important to incorporate into the report.
  2. What is the outlook for the industry as well as your company in the next 1-3 years?  What changes or trends will or may affect it?   Cite specific examples you have read about.

Part 5:  Recommendation – 30 points

GOAL:  For this section of the assignment you will have to use your compiled data to justify an “educated guess” on investment suggestions.  You will have to determine either “buy” or “don’t buy” and back up your suggestion with strong financial reasoning.

*You will have to identify strategies used for your analysis.  Use at least three ratios, and two other sources of information you believe are relevant, to help you make your decisions. Explain what ratios you used and specify what information your choices provided.  For example, did you use the Current Ratio?  If so, why?  What information did the Current Ratio provide that helped you determine the viability of investing in this company?

You will also need to compare this data (of your choice) to the same data of companies in your industries to support your recommendation.  Comparison ratios can be found via online databases thru the Library as well as Google Finance, Yahoo! Finance and

*You will also have to graphically represent why you chose the data for your ‘educated guess’ as reinforcement to your statement.  This can be inserted in or below your written work, with reference made to the graph.  In other words, explain to the reader the significance of the graph and data you chose.  

Overall appearance of the report including, but not limited to: proper citations, proper use of grammar/spelling, sentence structure, formatting of the cover page and body of the report, table of contents, page numbers, etc – 15 points

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