Annotated Bibliography – Animal Welfare 2-3 pages

My topic is Animal Welfare.My subtopics I am doing this annotated bibliography on areMAJOR ETHICAL CONCERNS and SEMEN TECHNOLOGY in regards to animal welfare.This week, you will assemble at least five scholarly academic references that will be used to write your section of the research paper for the team Course Project. This is an individual assignment, and each team member must submit an original document that identifies potential sources for their subsections of the team Course Project. These sources will be the building blocks for your draft, so be sure to spend time searching for sources, reading critically, and considering your selected source material in relation to the team preliminary thesis.You will need to list your references using APA format and provide a brief explanation of each resource indicating how that resource will be used in your portion of the Course Project. Please also evaluate the sources in relation to their credibility using four criteria:  Author, Bias, Evidence and Timeliness, Please keep in mind that Wikipedia is not generally considered a credible  academic source.Citations should be academic or industry based in nature and gathered from reputable sources. The focus should be on your specific research assignment and connections to your thesis. An approximate length for this bibliography is two to three pages.

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