Applying Critical Thinking Skills

For this discussion, refer to the video Improve Discussion Postings: Apply Critical Thinking and the page Socratic Problem-Solving Approach.

Locate one peer-reviewed journal article that deals with critical thinking or problem solving. Refer to this article in the discussion with at least one citation and a reference. Integrate information from outside sources into academic writing by appropriately quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing following APA style.

In your post:

  • Explain what critical thinking is and what it is not. Provide examples.
  • Explain why it is important to be able to think critically.
  • Summarize the components of each of the six steps of this model in your own words, using the Socratic problem-solving approach.

Practice what you learned about SafeAssign in Week 3 by sending this discussion post to SafeAssign as a draft for review. Do not include the reference list with your submission. Include your matching score from SafeAssign with your discussion post.

Response Guidelines

Refer to Faculty Expectations for Response Guidelines. Read the posts of your peers. Discuss the similarities and differences in your post and the other learner’s post.

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