All of these questions must be answered in your report in the order that they appear here..

  • When and where was the photographer born?
  • Did he or she study photography or were they self-taught?
  • Describe the genres the photographer worked with primarily; landscape, portraiture, etc. Where were the photos taken?
  • Describe the style of the photographer’s work. Did they emphasize particular elements or principles of design? Describe camera angles, lighting and other style elements particular to the photographer.
  • Explain any technical information about the photographs: film or digital? Cameras and equipment used by the artist.
  • Why does the work of this photographer inspire you?

  Assemble your responses in a paper that is at least two pages in length, double spaced. 

Step 2: Choose at least two photographs by the photographer and explain why they are successful. Critique the photos using formal terms of design such as balance, unity, texture, value and focal point.

Photographer: Helmut Newton

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