Article Critique Paper

Need article read and summarized as well critiqued.Article Critique Paper1. Read article attached2. Summarize of the article: (1.5 to 3 pages)a. Type of study (Was it experimental or correlational? How do you know?)b. Variables (What were the independent and dependent variables? Be specific with these. Define the terms independent and dependent variable and make sure to identify how they are operationally defined in the article)c.  Method (Was there a random sample of participants? Was there random assignment to groups? What did the participants do in the study?). How was data collected (online, in person, archival data, etc.)d.  Summary of findings (What were their findings?)3. Critique of the study: (1.5-3 pages)a.  In your opinion, how valid and reliable is the study? Why? (make sure to define what reliable and valid mean and apply these definitions to the study you are critiquing. Merely mentioning that it is valid and reliable is not enough – you have to apply those terms to the article)b. Did the study authors correctly interpret their findings, or are there any alternative interpretations you can think of?c. Did the authors of the study employ appropriate ethical safeguards?d. Briefly describe a follow-up study you might design that builds on the findings of the study you read how the research presented in the article relates to research, articles or material covered in other sections of the coursee. Describe whether you feel the results presented in the article are weaker or stronger than the authors claim (and why); or discuss alternative interpretations of the results (i.e. something not mentioned by the authors) and/or what research might provide a test between the proposed and alternate interpretationsf. Mention additional implications of the findings not mentioned in the article (either theoretical or practical/applied)g. Identify specific problems in the theory, discussion or empirical research presented in the article and how these problems could be corrected. If the problems you discuss are methodological in nature, then they must be issues that are substantial enough to affect the interpretations of the findings or arguments presented in the article. Furthermore, for methodological problems, you must justify not only why something is problematic but also how it could be resolved and why your proposed solution would be preferable. ARTICLE CRITIQUE INSTRUCTIONSh. Describe how/why the method used in the article is either better or worse for addressing a particular issue than other methods Reference only the article provided4. Brief summary of the article: (1-2 paragraphs)a. Write the words “Brief Summary”, and then begin the brief summary below thisb.  In ONE or TWO paragraphs maximum, summarize the article again, but this time I want it to be very short. In other words, take all of the information that you talked about in the summary portion of this assignment and write it again, but this time in only a few sentences.c. The reason for this section is that I want to make sure you can understand the whole study but that you can also write about it in a shorter paragraph that still emphasizes the main points of the article. Pretend that you are writing your own literature review for a research study, and you need to get the gist of an article that you read that helps support your own research across5. Referencesa. 1 pageb. Provide the reference for this article in proper APA formatFormatting and Requirements:1. Use APA format2. Times new romans, 12pt, double spaced3. Summary of the article should be between 1.5 and 3 pages4. Critique of the study should be 1.5 and 3 pages

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