Assessment and Diagnosis part 1

Directions for Part 1Review the Direct Care Project Overview above.View the Direct Care Project Part 1 Tutorial (Click here to view) (Links to an external site.).Download the Direct Care Part 1: Assessment and Diagnosis template under Templates below.Please address the following areas on the provided template:State the clinical certification and target population including  setting that were approved by your instructor in the Week 2: Direct Care  Part 1: Assessment and Diagnosis Check-In.Thorough discussion of why this certification was selected in relationship to the selected settingDescribe the criteria for selected clinical certificationProcess to obtain clinical certificationCost of application and testingRequirements prior to certificationExamination descriptionRenewal time and processRequired items for renewalProvide APA reference for one peer-reviewed scholarly professional  nursing journal article connecting patient outcomes, certification, and  leadership skills.From Chamberlain LibraryCINAHL or ProQuestNote: Do not use CINAHL Guides or Evidence-Based Care SheetsFull Text onlyNo more than 5 years oldIn EnglishPeer-reviewedInclude the permalinkFor more information on finding Permalinks in the Chamberlain Library, see Learn the Library and Finding Permalinks (Links to an external site.)Reference must be use APA format including author(s), year, article  title, journal name, volume number, issue number, page numbers, italics,  parentheses, punctuation, double line spacing, and hanging indent.  Include DOI if available.Summarize findings of articleSummarize the key points of the selected peer-reviewed scholarly professional nursing journal article in one or two paragraphs.Be clear and concise.Discuss how patient outcomes in the selected setting could be improved by certified nurses.Discuss how certification can impact leadership skills in the selected setting.Identify a problem (diagnosis) based on your assessmentImportant: The problem you identify will be utilized in Parts 2, 3, and 4 of the Direct Care Project.Write the problem diagnosis (See template)Submit template through the Submit Assignment button on this page.TemplatesDirect Care Part 1: Assessment and Diagnosis Template (Download here) (Links to an external site.)Best PracticesPlease use your browser’s File setting to save or print this page.Use the template provided. If the template is not used, a deduction will be applied. See rubric below.Spell check for spelling and grammar errors prior to final submission.Use the rubric as a final check prior to submission to ensure all content is clearly addressed.Scholarly Sources and CitationsOne reference neededCite reference in APA format

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