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In this discussion, we will explore organizational ethics and the impact that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives have on different communities, populations, and the organization itself.Boston College maintains a center dedicated to promoting and recognizing organizations and their unique CSR programs and endeavors, called the Center for Corporate Citizenship. Each year, they sponsor an award program and invite organizations to submit brief and compelling videos depicting their CSR initiative. A winner is selected annually based on a set of specific evaluative criteria. The center maintains a YouTube channel for anyone to be able to view these videos, and this is the link: (Links to an external site.)I would like each of you to select a CSR video clip that you would like to share and discuss with the class. The video clip selections are on a first-come first-serve basis, so please review the selections of your peers before you post to ensure there is no overlap! There are many great videos to choose from! Please include the link to your chosen video in your initial post.For your main post to the discussion, please answer anythreeof the discussion questions below (you may respond to more, but three questions is the minimum):What type of giving is demonstrated by the organization (monetary, products/services, volunteer time)?What organizational resources are needed to implement this practice?Is this example of corporate citizenship specific to a local community, or is it far-reaching?How many stakeholder groups are positively impacted by this organizational practice? Which one(s)?Does this practice negatively affect any stakeholder group or segment of the population; is it unethical or potentially harmful in any way to anyone?What improvement(s) was the result of this organizational practice?What challenges may this effort pose to the organization itself?Does it appear that this practice is a short-term or long-term effort – does it have an endpoint or is it ongoing?Does this practice deal with a need/issue that can be anticipated and planned for, or something that is unplanned and unpredictable (e.g., crisis)?What is your opinion on the significance/value of this organizational practice? What factors influence this opinion?Participation credit in the weekly discussions will be based on the following structure:Quantity:Each student must make a minimum of three posts for each discussion – one main post that answers the question(s) presented by the professor, and two replies to posts made by your peers.  The main post must be a minimum of 300 words in length and made by Friday evening at 11:59pm ET.  The reply posts must be approximately 75-100 words in length and may be made any time before Sunday evening when the week closes at 11:59pm ET.Quality:All posts must be substantive, relevant, and respectful, and contribute value to the discussion.  “I agree” types of posts are fine to make, but they do not count towards the minimum posting requirement.Search entries or author Filter replies by unreadUnread   Collapse replies Expand replies Subscribe ReplyReply to Module 1 Discussion 2: Corporate Social Responsibility: Analysis of Organizational ExamplesCollapse SubdiscussionVanessa KleinhenVanessa KleinhenYesterdayOct 20 at 7:26pmManage Discussion EntryHello everyone,For this discussion I decided to pick the CSR video clip Vanguard posted.  For those of you who do not what Vanguard is they are an American registered investment advisor, they offer different things such as; mutual funds, IRAs, ETFs, 401(k) plans and more.  The Vanguard Group is based in Pennsylvania with almost $6.2 trillion in global assets. They are the largest provider of mutual funds and the second largest provider of exchange trade funds,They demonstrate multiple ways of giving back to the community. Vanguard likes to help their clients learn, plan and prosper. They like to give back by giving their time, energy, money, and skills to help someone who may need help. They believe better only happens when you want it to, and the only way for things to become better is through you. Some of the ways they give back is working at soup kitchens, helping out schools, giving back to the retirement communities, food drives and more. They like to offer their funds and time and helping out in the community when they can.In order to do these acts of kindness they use different organizational resources. This includes their staff, knowledge, time, and equipment from their cooperation. They also offer different programs you can sign up with to help give back to the community. Some of these activities can be but not limited to food drive, hometown grants program, blood drives, matching gift program, community gardens, or all cans on deck hunger relief drive. They also give back to nonprofits around the world. I would consider that these examples are considered to be far reaching not limited just to specific local communities.  Yes they do give back to local communities but they also offer different programs you can be a part of globally, as well as ones that are limited to the United States of America. ReplyReply to CommentCollapse SubdiscussionSarah Lynn JacksonSarah Lynn Jackson12:24pmOct 21 at 12:24pmManage Discussion EntryI chose to share what Thermo Fisher Scientific is working on with a charter school in Boston and other schools around the world. What I found so inspiring is the passion of the company’s goals in reaching out to children about possible science-driven careers. There is a need for more scientists in all areas of the sciences but much of the time is lost through no exposure to children or lacking that enthusiasm for the sciences in the classroom. Having these outreach programs offered to students inspires and encourages children to think “outside of the box” when it comes to science and science-driven careers.What type of giving is demonstrated by the organization (monetary, products/services, volunteer time)?Thermo Fisher Scientific provides educational programs, such as chemical safety, to schools that would not typically have it in their budget to pay for. Within the program, the company donates their time to the students while also offering all of the supplies that the children will need to participate in the program. The program that they offered in this YouTube video was about chemical safety. One of their main goals in offering this program was to show the students that science can be fun while also being a career choice later in life.Does it appear that this practice is a short-term or long-term effort – does it have an endpoint or is it ongoing?I believe that the programs offered by Thermo Fisher Scientific can be looked upon as a short-term and long-term effort. In terms of being short-term, each school that participates in this program is not picked each and every year. Thermo Fisher Scientific does this, so they are able to reach as many children as possible. In terms of being a long-term effort, Thermo Fisher Scientific takes it upon themselves to inspire and encourage children as an ongoing project.What is your opinion on the significance/value of this organizational practice? What factors influence this opinion?I feel that this type of outreach program is priceless. I believe in enriching our children today since they will be our future leaders in the world. The fact that Thermo Fisher Scientific is taking the time to invest in these children around the world, they understand that we need to inspire and educate students of all ages in a subject area that has such a need for more innovative people now and in the future.

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