Assignment: Planning a Needs Assessment II

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper outlining a hypothetical needs assessment related to the support group program for caregivers. Include the following:The resources needed to operate this serviceThe program activitiesThe desired outcomesA plan for gathering information about the population servedJustifications for your plans and decisionsA one-paragraph conclusion describing how you might conduct a follow-up to the needs assessment at the implementation stage of the program evaluationReferencesDudley, J. R. (2020). Social work evaluation: Enhancing what we do (3rd ed.) Oxford University Press.(For review) Chapter 6, “Needs Assessment” (pp. 115–143)Chapter 7, “Crafting Goals and Objectives” (pp. 149–168)Document: Tutty, L. M., & Rothery, M. A. (2010). Needs assessments. In B. Thyer (Ed.), The handbook of social work research methods (2nd ed.,pp. 149–162). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. (PDF)Stewart, K. E., Phillips, M. M., Walker, J. F., Harvey, S. A., & Porter, A. (2011). Social services utilization and need among a community sample of persons living with HIV in the rural south. AIDS Care, 23(3), 340–347.

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