assignment3 06/2020

Assignment: Curriculum Vitae and Personal StatementLast week you prepared a resume. This week, you will focus on preparing a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a Personal Statement. Some of you might wonder what a CV is and if it is even necessary for you to prepare one. In very general terms, a CV is an academic resume that provides detailed information about your academic accomplishments and achievements. It is different from a regular resume because it provides not only information about relevant work history in your field of interest, but also includes information about areas of academic interest, research, field experiences, internships, grants, honors, awards, publications, presentations, professional memberships, etc.You may need to have a CV for application to a graduate program of study, a job, internship, or other opportunity for which you are interested in applying. Having an up-to-date CV will prove useful to you for a number of reasons. It will help you keep track of and document your academic achievements and prepare you to respond to opportunities as they become available.Early in your academic career, your CV might not be very lengthy; however, as you proceed through your program of study at Walden, you can build upon your CV. Do not be discouraged if you do not have extensive experiences at this point. Creating your CV now can help you identify goals you would like to achieve. As you proceed through this course, think about what goals you can set for yourself, and once accomplished, how they would be documented in your CV.You may find that you will also need to submit a Personal Statement along with your CV when you apply to graduate programs of study.  A Personal Statement for graduate school application includes not only your interests in the field, but also explains why you have selected the program to which you are applying to. In other words, you need to do your research on the program and their faculty members and make a case for why you are a good candidate for their program. Review the Tips for Preparing Your Personal Statement in Chapter 6, and the article “Kisses of Death of in the Graduate School Application Process” for information on what to include and tonotinclude in your Personal Statement.Assignment:Prepare a CV and Personal Statement for a graduate program of study. Refer to Chapter 6 of your Course Text for content and formatting examples of student CVs and Personal Statements. For the CV, it is acceptable if you do not have all of the experiences illustrated in the textbook examples; however, do be sure to include similar headings as placeholders to serve as reminders to add the information in later during your program of study.  You may choose to write the Personal Statement for the graduate program you selected for your Discussion Assignment, or you may select a different graduate program to focus on for this assignment.Combine your personal statment and CV intoone documentbefore submitting to the link.Note: For information regarding how your Assignment will be evaluated, please review the grading rubric located in the Course Information area of the course.By Day 7Submitone documentthat contains both your personal statement and your CV.Submission and Grading InformationTo submit your completed Assignment for review and grading, do the following:Please save your Assignment using the naming convention “WK3Assgn+last name+first initial.(extension)”as the name.Click the Week 3 Assignment Rubric to review the Grading Criteria for the Assignment.Click the Week 3 Assignment link. You will also be able to “View Rubric” for grading criteria from this area.Next, from the Attach File area, click on the Browse My Computer button. Find the documents you saved as “WK3Assgn+last name+first initial.(extension)” and click Open.If applicable: From the Plagiarism Tools area, click the checkbox for I agree to submit my paper(s) to the Global Reference Database.Click on the Submit button to complete your submission.

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