basal ganglia

For this assignment search the empirical research from the past ten years to find five to six studies on the treatment and neurological components of a disorder of the basal ganglia. Discuss the treatment options and their neurological components and the challenges of treating this disorder. Do you believe that this disorder will eventually be treatable and, if so, what would the method of treatment be? Be sure to include a discussion of the components and function of the basal ganglia and the neurological components of the chosen disorder.This assignment should be 5 to 6 pages excluding the title page, abstract, and reference section. Scholarly research must be current (research cannot be older than ten years) with a focus on the genetic and biological components of the disorder and treatment.Writing should at a graduate level with complete, well-developed sentences and paragraphs and written in APA format 6th ed. Students should preview the grading rubric for further direction and information before they begin the writing process. Include the 5 required subheadings below in your paper.An introduction and overview of the components and functions of the basal gangliaThe neurological components of the chosen disorderTreatment options and their neurological componentsTreatment challenges and future methods of treatmentDirection of future research and conclusions

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