BB#1 Replies

Since observation is the most common method of assessment, for this module/week’s Discussion Board Forum, you will exercise your observational skills and write a summary of your observations. After watching the online media clip, write a summary about what youobservewhile watching the featured individual’s behaviors, emotional expressions, mood, etc. Once you have completed your thread, read two (2) other classmates’ observations and compare them with your own. In your replies, discuss, question, and make comments about what your classmates posted. Each reply must include at least 1 citation from class or outside materials and include Christian worldview or biblical themes where appropriate. Replies must be minimum 200 words.Please watch provided video and use it as a reference as well. Book:Sheperis, C. J., Drummond, R. J., & Jones, K. D. (2020) Assessment procedures for counselors and helping professionals (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

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