Berlin wall questions ! Need asap ! (Tear Down This Wall)

8.  What position is communicated by Reagan in “Tear Down This Wall”?
1. West Berlin is a model of the development and prosperity that thrive under democracy.
2. West Berlin has suffered economically due to its proximity to the Iron Curtain.
3. West Berlin should resist unity with East Berlin because this would limit its success.
4. West Berlin should build its first airport to encourage international tourism.


9.  Read the excerpt from the newspaper article “Reagan dares Gorbachev: Tear down the Berlin Wall”:

Kohl and Reagan spoke to a flag waving crowd estimated by police at between 15,000 and 20,000 people, most of whom were standing on the 17th of June Street.

What type of evidence is represented in the excerpt?

1. example
2. testimony
3. fact
4. analogy


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