Brain development

Write a 300 word answer to each essay question with APA formatted citations and references (APA title page and reference page are required. Each question should be answered clearly and numbered) answer each question thoroughly and completely, providing examples where required.How is brain development related to adolescent impulsivity?Describe how phantom limb sensations that seemingly come from a missing hand might occur when the face is touched.Give some examples of evolutionary interpretations of mating behavior.Describe activating effects of sex hormones and give specific examples.Describe the role of heredity and environment of violent behavior.Describe the role of the left and right hemispheres contribution to emotions according to Jeffrey Gray.What is the primary cause of Korsakoff’s syndrome and what is one of its most distinctive symptoms?Provide a detailed description of spatial neglect.Describe the difference between positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia and give some examples of each.Describe the four major categories of antidepressant drugs

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