Business intelligence

 Graded Discussion:  Support System Technologies

Create a new thread and address the following discussion question.

When we think about various support system technologies, there are many different types; however, when we focus in the realm of decision making, we have the Decision Support Systems (DSS).  These types of support systems can fall into the following categories:

  • Communication Driven DSS
  • Data Driven DSS
  • Document Driven DSS
  • Knowledge Driven DSS
  • And Model Driven DSS

Based on the types of DSS, think about your current work environment or possibly think about the type of organization you would like to work for an its associated work environment.  Based on this, conduct some background research on the types of DSS listed above.  Based on findings and analysis, share with the class which of the DSS would be most important in the support of this work environment and why?

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