Complete a time management schedule for one week using the template (mentioned above or available by clicking “template.”) At a minimum, your schedule must include:The course tasks you have for the week. This would include at least four Daily Checkpoints, a discussion, an assignment, and a quiz.If you work, at least start and stop timesAt least one activity for your personal health whether exercise, time at a movie, hike, or another positive personal breatherAt least one family activityAt least one hour of planningSix hours minimum for study beyond the time dedicated to assignments.You will be evaluated on how clear your plan is and, to some extent, on how practical it is. For example, if you are scheduling 30 minutes to write your assignments, you’re setting yourself up for failure. You need to give yourself enough time to do research, work through multiple drafts, and maybe even to spend time reviewing it at the IU Writing Center.

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