Case Study

Case Study 1 Instructions

After reading the case study below, compose a 250–300 word response using proper grammar, spelling, and mechanics. Present your findings in one Word Document using in-text citations with your references cited at the end of the page. Each alternative approach described must be found in the course textbook and referenced; identifying the page number or section number that discusses each approach within your paragraph.

Case Study:

You have a student who is struggling with your synthetic approach to teaching phonics. Starting in Ch. 6 on page 153 section 6-5, your textbook gives you several different Approaches and Guidelines for Teaching Phonics.  Explain 2 alternative approaches to phonics instruction that you could use to help this student instead of using the synthetic approach. You need to use specific approaches with examples and not choose combining approaches which are discussed in your textbook since that still uses the synthetic approach.

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