Case Study Paper

Case Study PaperPlease submit a paper a minimum of 3 pages total (1 page each case study) which answers the following questions for each of the three case studies.Please describe what you think the therapeutic issues are for this case.Please state at least three therapeutic goals for the case study.Please state what DSM V diagnosis you would apply to this case and state your rationale for this diagnosis.Please submit this paper to the assignment tab in Canvas. No abstract is needed. Cite references when necessary.Case #1Rick, age 45, and Agnes, age 42, have been in a committed relationship for 20 years and have three children (ages 8, 3, and 1). Rick is African American and Agnes is Caucasian. Rick works as an area manager for a food delivery service and Agnes maintains a part-time position as a medical secretary. They seek counseling stating that “sex use to be good” but in the last several years their sex life has dwindled. Agnes states that she does not have the same interest in sex as she used to. She states “He used to be romantic and passionate, now he just wants to “do it.”  “Besides, women over 40 just don’t have the same excitement about sex s when he was younger.”  She offers that she is often “too tired” to think about sex at the end of the day. She reports that she maintains the household taking care of children and doing most of the chores in addition to her job. She states that she feels angry and resentful that she is “stuck” with all the responsibilities and that she would like to feel heard by her partner. Rick states that he used to have more time to help out with the children but since his responsibilities shifted at work he is tired as well. He complains that he wants to “do it” more often and feels neglected and isolated. He reports “I bring home the bacon and that’s my main responsibility, I love Agnes and want her to want me sexually like she used to.”  He states that Agnes does not understand the pressure he is feeling.Case #2Carl V., age 20, entered therapy at the urging of his wife, Melissa. Melissa has been increasingly concerned with Carl’s inability to become sexually aroused by “traditional” sexual foreplay. This has been a change in their relatively young marriage. Carl has asked for her to wear various shoes during sex, and while that had not initially been that alarming, she was concerned when she caught him masturbating with a pair of her heels.Case #3Donna, a 35-year-old woman presented for therapy due to problems in her relationship. She reported that she was very upset that her husband of 6 months was so sexually demanding. If it were up to him, she said, the couple would have sexual relations multiple times a day. She also stated that he would often keep her up at night, despite the early demands of her job, and that he would masturbate for several hours each night. Donna loves her husband, but is not sure she can take much more.BooksDSM VWhat every mental health professional needs to know about sexAuthor:Stephanie BuehlerPublisher:Springer Publishing CompanyEdition:2ndISBN13:9780826174444

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