Case Study project on book A CHILD CALLED IT BY Dave Pelzer

APA format 6-8 pages not including the cover page and reference page on the book “A Child Called IT” by Dave Pelzer.Ensure it is written in first person narrative.You can use up to two additional references to help make case the strong. This is NOT a book report, but rather pull EVIDENCE” TO analyze the case.YOU are the expert in the case. Your task is to look for the “evidence” in your case which is mostly from the book by Dave Pelzer.  Some of the evidence will be obvious and clearly described.Answer the following questions:1) Identify the victim name Dave  and typology of child maltreatment received which was physical, verbal, and emotional abuse from his mother. Correlate the evidence in your case from the book.2) Identify causal factors. What causal factors are evident in your case? Look for evidence of socio-cultural factors as well as profiles of offenders and non-offenders3) Identify and evaluate the interventions and responses to the abuse that are illustrated in your case from the book.4) 1.      Identify missed opportunities for intervention and/or prevention strategies. Based on what you know now, if this case were happening today, what strategies (social, legal, therapeutic) would you recommend? How might this case have been different?I need this by 12/3/16 by 6:30 p.m.

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