Change Management Proposal and Plan

Looking for a Change Management Proposal and Plan that has previously been used for HRM or Org Development course.  Must be for a company in the United States.  The requirements of the Proposal/Plan are as followed:

· Choose the topic for your OD project. Remember, an OD project is not project management, rather, it is Human Change Management. Please do not choose a technical challenge for your OD project unless you identify the underlying human challenges.

· Choose the organization that will be the client. Use a real organization with real challenges. Identify the problem and diagnostic plan.

· Submit a five to six-page proposal that describes the organization and the challenge, clarifies the organizational issue (chapter 2), identifies the magnitude of the organizational issue (chapter 2), lists the stakeholders, and identifies the type of change model proposed (chapter 2). 

· Be sure to describe to describe the diagnostic plan. How will you diagnose the organization and the design components (chapter 4)? Describe how the external consultant (you) will be involved in the project. For example, how do you plan to collect data?  

· Use subheadings (left side justified, first letter capitalized) for each of the headings of your proposal. Include an APA cover page to both parts of the project. Minimum of three references required (outside references must be scholarly). 

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