Chapter 9- Discussion

This chapter is so provocative. I’m sure it led you to think a lot about your life and your behavior- conformity, compliance, obedience, and helping behavior.1.Pick one of these main topics(conformity, compliance, obedience, helping/bystander effect) andcritically analyze it. For example, under what circumstances is it good or ethical? Under what circumstances is it bad or unethical? I’m looking for a careful analysis of the topic, as none of them are black or white subjects.2.Weave in two terms(and bold them) accurately throughout your analysis. Make sure that the terms you weave in are aiding in your analysis of the topic and not taking you off topic.For example, you can analyze whether using compliance techniques is ethical and under what circumstances. You can weave in some techniques into your argument/analysis.For example, you can analyze whether conformity is good or bad in different circumstances.You can weave in normative social influence, informational social influence, public compliance without private acceptance, etc.For example, you can analyze whether obedience to authority is good or bad in different situations. You can weave in norms, foot-in-the-door-effect, etc.

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