Chemistry week week two learning activities

Complete and submit in a word document1. Classify each of the following as an element, a compound, or a mixturea. Milkb. Diamond (pure carbon)c. Pure water (H2O)d. Sea watere. Air2. Identify each of the following as solid, liquid, or gas.a. Iceb. Air in a tirec. hot tea in a cupd. A bar of golde. water in a shower3. Identify each of the following as a physical or chemical change.a. Melting iceb. Wood burns in wood stovec. Wood is chopped for the fire placed. In contact with the air, a copper pipe becomes greene. When a bar of zinc is submerged in hydrochloric acid, a gas bubbles form this mixture4. Classify the following mixtures as homogenous or heterogeneousa. Teab. sugar completely dissolved in waterc. Water with sandd. Steel (a mixture of iron and carbon)e. Air5. Give the period and group numbers for each of the followinga. Chlorineb. Calciumc. Heliumd. Coppere. Sulfurf. Xenon6. Write the name and symbol of the elements with the following atomic numbera. 11b. 17c. 30d. 24e. 6f. 34g. 19h. 267. For the following atoms determine the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons.a. 23Nab. 35Clc. 78Rbd. 14Ce. 32S8. Place the following elements in order of increasing atomic sizea.  Ca, Ra, Be, Sr, Mgb. Ge, Fe, Cr, Mo, Br9. Classify the following elements as alkali metal, alkali earth metal, transition element or a halogena. Rbb. Ic. Fed. Bee. Auf.  F10. Write the group number and electron arrangement for each of the followinga. Phosphorusb. Nitrogenc. Magnesiumd. Aluminume. Chlorine

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