Child Psychology paper

  • Chapter 3 describes much of our genetic foundations and highlights both diversity and environment in creating our genetic heritage. Video lesson 3, “Nature and Nurture: The Dance of Life,” closely examines the role of heredity and environment, and discusses how twin studies have provided a wealth of information regarding the complex interactions between genes and the environment at every age.

    1. Briefly describe the basis of our genetic heritage, including sex determination, and distinguish between monozygotic and dizygotic twins.
    2. Note the degree of similarity between all humans regardless of sex, race, or other apparent difference. Explain how genetic diversity benefits the entire community.
    3. Identify some environmental variables that affect expression of genetic inheritance, and describe how a particular trait, such as shyness, might be affected.
    4. Describe the most common genetic abnormalities, including abnormalities involving the sex chromosomes.
    5. Describe approaches to genetic testing. What is genetic counseling and when would it be recommended. 

*3-4 pages needed*

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