Childcare class paper

 Provide opportunities for independence

Provide opportunities for independence. Offering choices to children provides them with the feeling that they have a say in their routines. Something as simple as “Do you want the ball or the bicycle?” can be powerful. Offering choices allows children to feel that what they want matters and assists with developing communication skills (Kostelnik, Whiren, Soderman, Stein & Gregory, 2005).

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Instruction on what to do

·  Describe the purpose of behavior management in early childhood education settings, including why it is important to think proactively. Integrate the specific challenging behaviors to be detailed in this paper. 

·  Discuss the strategies at the top teachers may use to determine the functions of challenging behaviors. 

·  Design an individual support plan for each of the challenging behaviors which includes:

·  the possible functions of the behavior

·  specific positive behavior supports

·  replacement behaviors 

·  Summarize the role of the teacher in designing and implementing a classroom behavior plan.

2 pages No copying 

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