Chinese and Russian Cyber Warfare, writing homework help

this is my topic for this week “Chinese and Russian Cyber Warfare”. I need you to find me an article and talk about it as what my classmate did down this page with same ideas and format and questions

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My article for my week as Discussion Leader is below

I have provided a summary of the article, in case you all will not be able to finish reading it since I just sent it today.

Summary: The article is about the UK giving a record fine to TalkTalk (a telecom firm) for lacking in cyber security, which lead to a poor cyber defense that attackers exploited. TalkTalk was breached in October 2015, and initial estimates said more than 1 million uses were compromised. Further research, conducted by TalkTalk, now says only about 150,000 users were compromised, and 15,000 of those users also had their financial data compromised. The UK used their Data Protection Act to issue a fine of $510,000 to TalkTalk.


We’ve talked in class about there being a need for cooperation between state and private entities in regards to cyber security. Even if one believes that the state should bear more responsibility as opposed to any other potential entity, we can say that there is a shared responsibility amongst actors. Several of the readings in this week’s module spoke on this subject as well, with some saying close cooperation and information sharing is key in order to identify threats and attacks, build resilience in networks, and ease the difficulty of attribution. With that in mind, my topic to add to this week’s module is as follows:

Can state levied fines have a positive impact on the cyber security standards of private business? Would these fines (and the laws that make them possible) assist in relationship building, or widen the gap between state and private business in cooperation on cyber defense?

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