Circular Questioning

Circular questioning is an important technique used in social work. Circular questioning requires a circular approach to thinking. Instead of asking the client a direct question about an issue, the focus is indirect and may introduce an external perspective. Asking a client for an external perspective can prompt a change in how he or she thinks about a particular topic. Circular questioning can be useful as an independent technique for motivating clients. Social workers may also utilize circular question integrated with other theories and approaches related to client change. When used in a supportive way, circular questions can be a valuable tool for social workers to motivate clients who may be resistant to change.a brief explanation of one family situation where you might use the circular questioning technique. Then, provide one example of a circular question you might ask a client and one follow-up question you might ask his or her family members to elicit feedback. Finally, explain how these questions might add value to a family session. Be specific. Use attachments to help with assignment,,,include other resources and cite all work

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