Clarifying General Statements, English homework help

 We discussed the need to make our communication as clear as possible and the ways we can do it: use familiar words, concrete words and avoid linguistic clutter.

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What this means is that we should aim to use words and/or provide details that will sharpen the listener’s understanding.

Clarifying General Statements

Rewrite each of these statements to make it more specific by making general and abstract words more concrete and precise. Add details and examples.

1. My neighbor has a lot of animals that she keeps in her yard.

2. When I was a little girl, we lived in a big house in the Midwest.

3. My husband works for a large newspaper.

4.  She got up late and had to rush to get to school. But she was late anyway.

5. Where’d you find that thing?

6.  I really liked going to that concert. The music was great.

7.  I really respect her.

8.  My boyfriend looks like a hippie.

9.  She was wearing a very trendy outfit.

10. We need to have more freedom to choose our courses.

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