cloud computing in cryptography


There is an increasingly prominent trend in many organizations to move a substantial portion of or even all information technology (IT) operations to an Internet-connected infrastructure known as enterprise cloud computing.  As we know, with every technology there are security considerations.

For this discussion, please provide a thorough response to the below questions.

  1. Define cloud computing.
  2. List and briefly define three cloud service models.
  3. What is the cloud computing reference architecture?
  4. Describe some of the main cloud-specific security threats.

References for class


Required Reading

  • Chapter 15:  User Authentication
  • Chapter 16: Network Access Control and Cloud Security
  • Chapter 17: Transport-Level Security

Additional Resources

Required Text


Required Text
Stallings, Williams. Cryptography and Network Security. Pearson, 2017.

Print ISBN: 9780134444284, 0134444280

eText ISBN: 9780134444635, 0134444639

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